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Looking for Invisible Fence® Brand Products?

 CLICK HERE to watch a short YouTube video if you are a current Invisible Fence® brand customer to see what Hidden Pet Fence can offer you!

If you need batteries, collars, service, system repairs, or anything else for your invisible dog fence, look no further! We offer a wide range of Invisible Fence® brand products to suit both older and newer invisible fences.

We carry everything you need for your pet fence, from Invisible Fence® brand transmitters and collars to services like fence repair and training – we have you covered! All of our Invisible Fence® brand products are refurbished, tested, and ready to sell.

Don’t wait! Quantities are limited!

Click here for replacement batteries for your Invisible Fence® brand system and components!

Don’t overpay for a battery for your dog fence or components. Our Invisible Fence® brand replacement batteries are made in the US and guaranteed to work at 50% less than our competitor’s prices. We not only offer on-site repairs in the Rochester, Elmira, Albany, and Capital District, but we can ship batteries anywhere in the country – directly to your doorstep!

Click here for Invisible Fence® system installation, repairs, and service!

Whether you need a new system installed, your current system repaired, or you want help training your dog, we’re here for you. We’ll come to your home to install or repair your fence if you’re in the Rochester, Elmira, Albany, or Capital District area.

Have parts and components you no longer use? Sell your Invisible Fence® brand collars or parts!

Moving and want to take your pet fence with you?

If you’re planning to take your Invisible Fence® system with you, give us a call at 1-877-DOG-Yard (1-877-364-9273) and we’ll give you a no-hassle estimate for re-installing your fence system at your new home. We offer 15-year and lifetime guarantees on your re-installed fence.

Need repairs or service on your existing pet fence?

We can help! Call 1-877-DOG-Yard (1-877-364-9273) to schedule repairs or service for your Invisible Fence® brand system. While many other fence companies use a radio with a stick to find a wire break, often replacing the whole wire, we use the best wire break locator and diagnostic equipment on the market. We can find the problem and fix it faster, saving you time and money.

We offer competitive rates and service you can count on to keep your pet safe. Our systems are compatible with Invisible Fence® brand Computer Collars®, and our replacement batteries are comparable with Invisible Fence® Power Caps® or Power Cap® batteries.

Replacement Battery for Invisible Fence Brand® Receiver Collar

Does your Invisible Fence® brand collar receiver look like this? If so, then these are the batteries you need.


Original price was: $23.00.Current price is: $15.00.

Testimonial from Lori G a customer of ours after using the other company, Invisible Fence Of Rochester NY:

“Although I have an Invisible Fence System, my dog trainer, Rochester, Canine Academy recommend Hidden Pet Fence to me as an alternative and cheaper solution for repairs. You DO NOT have to hire Invisible Fence to repair their system! Mike at Hidden Pet Fence was great. He found the breaks in the line, fixed them quickly and was ready to stake the yard and train the dog. Mike explained everything he was doing and gave me a very detailed training plan to follow. Hidden Pet Fence is a great alternative to hire for an invisible system and lots cheaper. I will call them for any repairs I may need in the future. I got a call a few days after they were out. They charged me too much to fix the line and they were sending me a check. Who is that honest?”

Testimonial from Albert A from Albany NY

“I used invisible fence of the capitol district to install my fence about 5 years ago. Upon needing service to have a new dog collar for our second dog, I was told that I needed a whole new system at the tune of $2500. They said my system was old and outdated and that was my only option. I called Hidden Pet Fence of NY, and they supplied me with a new collar that works perfect with my system for $275. They didn’t try to sell me a new fence, and the collar is smaller then the other one, and it has a low battery light built in in. It also has gentle spring contacts that flex with the dogs movement. The workmanship of this system is far superior then the invisible fence brand.”

Need a replacement collar or parts for your existing pet fence system?

We have plenty of options to choose from. Our replacement collars and components are compatible with your Invisible Fence® brand system, so you don’t have to replace your whole fence for just the collar or component. We offer replacement parts and components online, or you can call to schedule repairs and service.

You can order replacement parts and components online for your Invisible Fence® brand system, from collars to batteries. We offer scheduled home service for Invisible Fence® brand systems in the Rochester, Elmira, Albany, and Capital District, NY, areas. Still, we sell the Invisible Fence® brand replacement parts online and ship anywhere in the US! Call 1-877-DOG-Yard (1-877-364-9273) to get started!


Click here for repairs and service for your Invisible Fence® system.

Attention: We offer replacement batteries and receiver collars that are compatible with Invisible Fence® systems for customers in Elmira, Rochester, and Albany, NY. However, we are NOT an authorized Invisible Fence® dealer.

Our Ecolite collars are fully compatible with popular invisible fence systems, including Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, and Dog Guard®.
Our SW Elite collars are fully compatible with most brands, including Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, and Dog Guard®.
OT100 Transmitters are compatible with popular brands like Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, and Dog Guard®.


Wondering about hidden pet fence frequency?

All you have to do is look at the circuit board to determine if your system is set to a 7K or 10K frequency. The image below is a visual guide for your frequency switch and how to set it:

Our system is compatible with 700 Series and 800 Series Invisible Fence® transmitters.

Are you already the proud owner of an Invisible Fence® system? We’re your one-stop-shop for all your underground fencing needs. We have everything you need to get the most out of your fence investment from replacement parts like collars, batteries, and contacts to service, repairs, and dog training.

If you’re relocating and need your system re-installed at your new home, we can help! You don’t have to purchase a brand-new fence with us – we’ll re-install your existing system We also offer a 15-year or lifetime warranty on your re-installed fence system.

Need a new nylon collar strap for your Invisible Fence® brand system? Check out our options HERE

Note: While we offer a range of compatible parts and components, we are NOT an authorized dealer of the Invisible Fence® OR PetSafe® brands.

Radio Fence and Underground Fence are trademarks of Radio Systems Corporation.

PetSafe® is the registered trademark of Radio Systems® Corporation

Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence® Inc.

Do you have a dog and need a fence? You have come to the right place!

Invisible Fence® brand compatible. Best Fence, Best Price!


Client Testimonials

J. Thomas - Albany, NY

“I had a great experience with hidden pet fence. I called, got a quote from 2 companies and this one was the best option. We chose them because they are a local company, and was more knowledgeable and less expensive then the other company, and they had a better warranty. Highly recommended!”

R. Mauger - Albany, NY


It works perfect. 3 people said that an invisible fence would not keep my dog in and the guy gave us a guarantee that it would work. My dog is stubborn and not so smart, and the trainer had to use the collar that works past the line because of how crazy my dog is. The collar that works past the line is what we liked about the dog yard fence vs the invisible fence “company”. We also chose them because they are a local company and not a huge franchise. I couldn’t be happier with this company.

J. Berlucchi - Albany, NY

“Just want to thank the guys that were out on 4/14/15. Not only was my appointment scheduled rather quickly, the guys were prompt, courteous, and efficient at there job. Thanks for the Job Well Done!!!!”