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If you have an electronic dog fence then you NEED training for your dog as well. Without training, it’s only a matter of time before the dog “braves” the fence and makes a run for it into the neighbor’s yard or worse, into the street. Our dog fence training process will work with an existing Invisible Fence® brand system when we use our hidden fence training collar that has the adjustability for all dog temperaments.

That’s where an IACP certified dog trainer comes into place. Ralph Rizzo has been installing underground electronic dog fences and training dogs to obey the boundaries of them for over 17 years and his company that he originally purchased started in 1992 in Rochester NY. Veterinarians and dog owners alike have spoken up about the effectiveness of the system, especially when his dog fence is compared to the competitors at Invisible Fence®.

How Dog Fence Training Works

It all starts with understanding how dogs learn and process information. Body language is really one of the biggest keys in “reading” a dog’s mind. Praise and the occasional treat go a long way and keep their stress levels low while they are processing what is going on around them. It may appear to be boring and quite repetitive but the dogs are excited and happy when being trained to the hidden fence. The training continues until it becomes an automatic or conditioned response for the dog.

What about SHOCK?

Our training levels are the LOWEST in the dog fencing industry. Letting the dog hear and feel a tickle over and over again creates a conditioned response. They learn that when they hear and feel the collar, they should back up, resulting in a treat when completed. Because our low “tickle” feeling does not startle, hurt or scare the dog, their brain can process the information, resulting in a successfully trained dog.

This is not about “punishment.” It’s about conditioning, which takes time and patience but will ensure your dog learns to obey the hidden fence boundaries WITHOUT feeling a bunch of pain in the process like other underground electronic dog fence installers allow. The feeling from the collar is like a tickling that slowly becomes an annoying scratch, then an even more annoying pinch, then a harder pinch. Once we find the pinch that is slightly uncomfortable, the dog backs up. Each time we back them up, or they back up on their own, they are rewarded with treats and praise.

We repeat this condition response with these lower levels until the dog backs up automatically. This helps the dog understand that there was a bothering pinch feeling while it was beeping, and when I back up, it goes away. Stress-FREE learning without pain is how we believe dogs should be trained. Again, we are dog owners and lovers ourselves.

What about my hyper puppy, or stubborn dog?

Time, patience, and persistence are what we believe in and what works. The proof in our words is in the low levels of shock that we use. However, we do offer the Endless Boundary feature that revolutionized the pet fence industry because it works past the line! So, if your stubborn dog decided to run through the hidden fence wire, the collar will continue beeping and correcting beyond the line! The dog training we provide will get your dog to retreat back inside your fenced yard. We guarantee this!

Unsure it will work with your dog? Not convinced yet?

We are 100% successful in keeping dogs in the yard with this great process. In the unlikely event that we cannot contain your dog, we offer a money-back guarantee.

Many dog owners have heard horror stories about dogs that get a hard shock and are scared to go outside or won’t leave the front porch after purchasing a competitors’ underground dog fence system. We hear these stories all the time from people who are reluctant to get a hidden dog fence.

Then, on the other side of the situation, they hear that dogs just run right through their friend’s pet fence. We also hear these stories all of the time. It is usually when someone has a competitor’s dog fence system and their dog didn’t receive the proper training, or the system they purchased didn’t have the right settings to contain their dog.

We don’t run into this situation when we are training with our higher quality, American-made dog fencing products. Occasionally, we have to make more training trips for timid, stubborn, or hyper dogs, but the end result is always a safely trained and contained dog.

The IACP training certificate was awarded to Ralph Rizzo in December of 2009. This certificate was offered through Radio Systems for a high-standard training program. Radio Systems Corp is now the current owner of our competitor, the Invisible Fence® brand. The trainers at the Invisible Fence® brand of Albany NY are not IACP certified.

What is the IACP?

“The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CANINE PROFESSIONALS is dedicated to the education, development and support of dog training professional world-wide.  The IACP provides a community where experienced dog trainers mentor, guide and cultivate members to their full potential.  Our commitment to the highest quality training increases our members’ skills and abilities, develops professional recognition and improves communication on training best practices.  We support our members’ rights to properly use and promote effective, humane training tools and methods to create success for each dog and owner, while expanding the understanding and cooperation among canine professionals and dog owners across the full spectrum of the canine industry.” IACP website

Simply put, the International Association of Canine Professionals is a trusted association that helps train and teach professionals who work within dog-related industries so that they may proceed with their work (whatever it may be) in a masterful and humane way.

At Hidden Pet Fence we take great pride in being one of the few IACP certified professionals in the Albany, NY area.

NOTE: Hidden Pet Fence in Albany, NY is NOT affiliated with the Invisible Fence® brand OR PetSafe® brand. We do however offer replacement batteries, repair service, dog fence training, and misc. parts for all makes and models. We are NOT authorized dealers for those companies or Dogwatch®, or Dog Guard®.

Radio Fence® and Underground Fence® are Trademarks of Radio Systems Corporation.

PetSafe® is the registered Trademark of Radio Systems® Corporation

Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Inc.

Do you have a dog and need a fence? You have come to the right place!

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Client Testimonials

J. Thomas - Albany, NY

“I had a great experience with hidden pet fence. I called, got a quote from 2 companies and this one was the best option. We chose them because they are a local company, and was more knowledgeable and less expensive then the other company, and they had a better warranty. Highly recommended!”

R. Mauger - Albany, NY


It works perfect. 3 people said that an invisible fence would not keep my dog in and the guy gave us a guarantee that it would work. My dog is stubborn and not so smart, and the trainer had to use the collar that works past the line because of how crazy my dog is. The collar that works past the line is what we liked about the dog yard fence vs the invisible fence “company”. We also chose them because they are a local company and not a huge franchise. I couldn’t be happier with this company.

J. Berlucchi - Albany, NY

“Just want to thank the guys that were out on 4/14/15. Not only was my appointment scheduled rather quickly, the guys were prompt, courteous, and efficient at there job. Thanks for the Job Well Done!!!!”