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Here are the most common questions we get asked about our service…

What is an underground dog fence?
In short, we bury a wire around your yard creating a digital fence that hooks back into a transmitter. From the wire, a frequency is sent out to your pet’s collar, keeping them in the containment area. We offer training as part of service to condition your dog to this transition in a fast and humane way. This makes it so your dogs can safely play inside your contained yard.
I heard term “wireless dog fence” used before. Is that what you offer?
No. Wireless dog fences are cheap, inefficient systems that we are strongly against. They can even harm your dog unnecessarily. Click here to read more about comparing wireless dog fences with underground dog fences.
When my pet gets near the fence, will he get shocked only?
No. First, there is a warning beep. Followed is a correction to create a buffer zone for your pet so that there is little to no correction needed.
Is the shock hurtful?
Our correction system is completely adjustable. Everything starts in a low setting and is slowly adjusted to meet your pet’s needs. In short, only the minimal amount of shock is used in our training session with your dog in order to prepare him or her to the point where they will only require a small amount of correction to keep them in the designated areas only.
My friend has a system from another company. Will your system work with theirs?

Yes, we can program our collars to work on almost any systems and other collars to work on ours (most cases though each case is specific).

What is DM, FM and AM signals, and what do you use?
The industry is filled with China made AM and FM signals that are a lower quality than DM. We use DM (digital modulation) which is the highest grade signal that can be used. Unlike other company’s collars, ours will not shock your dog because of interference (a common problem with many cheap alternatives in this industry).
You service New York, what if I move out of State?
We have a nation-wide dealer network. We can give you the contact information to the dealer in your new area. They will continue the warranty on your product as well.
Can I adjust the shock levels with your system?
Yes. Our collars offer the wide range of adjustments in the area. Small, timid dogs and puppies may use a gentle shock, and stubborn dogs may need a higher level. All the collars we offer have adjustments YOU can change.
Do you have to cross my driveway?
The layout is customizable, so we can avoid your driveway if necessary. This is something to discuss with your sales representative during your free estimate. We will always recommend having a protective boundary in case your dog runs out of the garage door. When we do cross a driveway, it is nothing more than a groove that the wire lays within and sealed with a tar compound. In the end, it will be a thin black line about the thickness of a pencil that is flush with the driveway.
How deep is the wire?
In most yards, we burry the wire with a specialized machine wherever possible. This machine is designed to burry the wire 3-6 inches into the ground. There are many factors that contribute to the depth of the wire, such as roots or rocks. If you have heavily wooded or rocky areas, we may need to hand lay the wire. This is something your sales representative and installer will discuss with you.
What if I get another dog?
Your Hidden Pet Fence can have multiple pets on one system. Each collar will have separate settings tailored to each dog’s needs. Please call the office to order a collar and set up training for your new pet!
Is the collar waterproof?
Yes! All of our receiver collars are waterproof, so your dogs can play outside in all weather conditions.
I already have an above ground fence, can a Hidden Pet Fence be installed to stop the dog from jumping over it?
Absolutely. This is a common problem that tons of dog owners encounter. A Hidden Pet Fence is the best solution to keep your dogs in. Whether they jump over, dig under, or run through the gate of the standard fence, we can put a stop to this issue by installing our wire just on the inside of the above ground fence and train the dogs to stay inside the boundaries.
My yard has a lot of obstacles, can an electric dog fence still be installed?
Of course! Your sales representative will address any concerns you may have and come up with a solution. Our professional installers have seen it all and worked through countless obstacles including creeks, retaining walls, elaborate garden beds and much more.
I want my dog to stay out of my garden, can a Hidden Pet Fence do that?
Yes, and we do it all the time! We can design your underground fence in a way that your dogs have freedom of the yard, but stay away from garden beds, bodies of water, or other unwanted areas. We do this by creating additional loops inside the perimeter loop. Please consult with your sales representative for more information.
What happens to the fence if the power goes out?
We recommend using a second form of containment during a power outage. If you experience frequent power loss, please consider purchasing one of our battery backup units.
How old does my puppy need to be to use a Hidden Pet Fence?
We start our professional training with puppies as young as 11 weeks old! Our training is safe and effective for young pups.
What if it doesn’t work?

We have a 100% success rate of keeping dogs contained. We achieve this by offering the best products and best training. We also offer a money back guarantee for your peace of mind.

How can I stop my dogs from chewing on each other's collars?

Dog chews can damage the electronics inside your dog’s fence collar. One recommendation that we have to avoid this issue is putting a coat of bitter “no bite” polish on the cover of the electronic box on the collar. This is made for humans to help deter them from nail biting and the bitter taste is just as useful for dogs! The brand that we have experience with is “Mavala Stop Nail Alert”. Whatever brand you use, be sure to check the ingredients to ensure it is non-toxic to dogs!

How much does a hidden pet fence cost in albany, ny?

The prices of a full invisible fencing system can vary based on different factors. Lot size, obstacles in the yard and the number of dogs you have all play a role in what the cost is. At your free estimate, our sales representative will build multiple packages with prices to match your needs. We also offer interest free financing! 

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Client Testimonials

J. Thomas - Albany, NY

“I had a great experience with hidden pet fence. I called, got a quote from 2 companies and this one was the best option. We chose them because they are a local company, and was more knowledgeable and less expensive then the other company, and they had a better warranty. Highly recommended!”

R. Mauger - Albany, NY


It works perfect. 3 people said that an invisible fence would not keep my dog in and the guy gave us a guarantee that it would work. My dog is stubborn and not so smart, and the trainer had to use the collar that works past the line because of how crazy my dog is. The collar that works past the line is what we liked about the dog yard fence vs the invisible fence “company”. We also chose them because they are a local company and not a huge franchise. I couldn’t be happier with this company.

J. Berlucchi - Albany, NY

“Just want to thank the guys that were out on 4/14/15. Not only was my appointment scheduled rather quickly, the guys were prompt, courteous, and efficient at there job. Thanks for the Job Well Done!!!!”